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Veneers. This patient had concerns with the aesthetics of her teeth. There was no clinical reason to get Veneers but she did not like the "spaces, shade, and tooth contour"


Bridge. This patient had lost one of his pre-molars due to excessive decay. The treatment used on this patient was a porcelain bridge that bonds (adheres) to the back of the adjacent teeth with two wings. The advantages of this technique are: restured function to a large portion of the patient's dentition, durability of the restoration, and life-like cosmetics.


Anterior composite restoration. A composite restoration is a tooth colored filling. These have replaced the traditional silver fillings and can be used clinically or aesthetically.


Porcelain crowns. A full coverage porcelain crown is used to cover the entire tooth (which is initially reduced) to prevent any more wear or trauma to the tooth itself.