Meet the Doctor!

Stan F. Waggoner, DDS.
Having graduated from the UTHCSA dental school in 1987, Dr. Waggoner is a well established family dentist. He opened the doors to Wetmore Family Dentistry about 20 years ago and has managed to create one of the most highly recommended dental clinics in San Antonio. Dr. Waggoner is certified in implantology, orthodontics, prosthetic restorations, and many more dental procedures. You need it done, chances are he will get it done!


                                                                                                                                                                                        Hello Hygienists!
(top left) Cyndee has been a practicing hygienist since 1984. Cyndee is a graduate from the Baylor college of Dentistry's hygiene school in Dallas and has been practicing with Dr. Waggoner for 16 years.
(top right) Donna graduated from dental hygiene school in 1988 from the local UTHSCSA hygiene school. Donna is no novice when it comes to oral hygiene; in fact, she has been practicing with Dr. Waggoner even before he opened the doors to the clinic.
(bottom left) Stacy is also a graduate from the Baylor College of Dentistry's hygiene school. She has been working as a hygienist since 1988 and has been at this practice for the past 10 years.
(bottom right) Melanie

The Assistants!
(from the left)
Maria has been a part of Wetmore Family Dentistry since 1993 when she graduated from the dental assisting program right here in San Antonio. Maria has received multiple assisting certifications for a myriad of dental procedures including implants, sealants and fissures, orthodontics, and many more. No one knows the ups and downs, ins and outs of Wetmore Family Dentistry quite like Maria.
Britney graduated from the dental assisting program at Intellitech Technical Institute, Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2008. She has been with Dr. Waggoner's office for the past 5 years.

                                                                                                             The Front Desk!

(from the left)
Carolyn is our office appointment coordinator. Starting off as a dental assistant in 1991 and then moving to front desk responsibilities, Carolyn has dealt with all patient correspondence in the office for the past 15 years. Any calls and scheduling will go through her.
Cheri is our finance coordinator who deals with all of the behind the scenes account factors. For the past 17 years, she has been in charge of accounts payables/receivables, insurance policies, etc. for Dr. Waggoner.




*Every member of our team is CPR-cerified and up to date with changes in the dental field thanks to yearly Continuing Education courses.  Each member exudes a passion for dentistry that allows for a successful and ever-evolving clinical environment in which the PATIENT is our number one priority.*