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Quality dental care is hard to come across and it is understandable that many potential patients refuse to come in and maintain their oral health simply because they are scared or have had bad experiences. Other patients don't come because they lack the proper knowledge about their oral health and the upkeep that comes along with it. It is thus no shock that a majority of these patients stem from the minority groups in which, unfortunately, the knowledge usually is not there with the older generations and is not passed down to future generations. The following article will give a good insight into these statistics and the reasons behind it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics this week on the high prevalence of dental caries (cavities) among U.S. adults, and the numbers are sobering. Ninety-one percent of Americans over 20 have had cavities at some point in their lives. Notably, the agency reports that 27% of adults over 20 have untreated caries.
“Despite all the advances in our ability to prevent, detect, and treat dental disease, too many Americans—for a variety of reasons—are not enjoying the best possible oral health,” said ADA president Dr. Maxine Feinberg. (continue reading here)